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Saturday, June 30, 2012

How to Resolve Complaints of Menopause and How to Slow Down of Menopause

How to Resolve Complaints of Menopause and How to Slow Down of Menopausea. Complaints arising from changes in menopause can be treated with drugs that are replacing the functions of estrogen. It aims to repair cells that suffered a setback.

b. Consuming vitamin that serves to inhibit the aging process.

c. Adequate exercise and age-appropriate is one way to nourish the physical. With exercise the body will be protected from diseases that are vulnerable in the face by the elderly.

d. Eat a balanced diet and as needed, avoid fatty foods. Expand to eat vegetables and fruits that can help the body's metabolic processes.

e. Doing a hobby that can support health can make distracting from menopausal complaints.

f. Keep working for menopausal women to maintain a sense of confidence.

g. Engage in social religious activities.

h. Familiarization with the environment.

i. Get together with people who have similar problems to a variety of experiences and knowledge.

j. Communicate with her ​​husband and family so they can provide good support.


Nutrients that can help reduce menopausal complaints:

1) Omega 3 fatty acid that serves to prevent the occurrence of depression.

2) Folic acid works to prevent the occurrence of depression.

3) Iron to increase blood hemoglobin.

4) Calcium to reduce complaints of hot flushes and osteoporosis.

5) Vitamin D to reduce the complaints of the skin and bones.

6) Sources: Fatty fish, green leafy vegetables, orange juice, red meat, beans, spinach, raisins, cereal. Low-fat milk and other dairy products, canned fish, anchovies, tuna, salmon, etc..

The main treatment of the menopause is to provide external terapy hormone estrogen known as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Principles of administration are:

a. Women who still have a uterus, given the combination of estrogen and progesterone, the addition of progesterone is intended to avoid the risk of endometrial cancer.

b. Women who had been without a uterus, estrogen is given alone to continue.

c. Who are still menstruating woman, estrogen is given in a sequential way.

d. Women who still want occur menstruation, given a continue.

e. Types of estrogen and progesterone that is given is natural.

f. Early provision should be provided with a low dose.

Menopause sometimes make most women become anxious, when in fact it need not be feared, since the onset of menopause can actually slow down the setting up and start living healthy. Preparations include:

a. Exercise regularly and continuously to improve physical strength and bone strength. Exercise you can do include walking, jogging and calisthenics.

b. Eating foods that contain lots of calcium may reduce the risk of bone loss or osteoporosis. Calcium is found in many high-calcium milk, many in high-calcium found in milk, cheese and nuts.

c. Eating foods that contain lots of vitamins to improve health and endurance. Vitamins are found in vegetables and fruits.

d. Reduce the consumption of drinks that contain lots of caffeine, for example, include coffee, tea and soft drinks. Because these drinks can inhibit the absorption of calcium and iron.

e. Not consume alcohol and cigarettes because both of these can accelerate the occurrence of menopause and boost the risk of osteoporosis.

f. Eating foods that contain lots of calcium may reduce the risk of bone loss or osteoporosis. Calcium, cheese and nuts.

g. Consuming a lot of eating
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