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Monday, March 19, 2012

Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions for Fever

Nursing Diagnosis for Fever and Nursing Interventions for Fever

1. Nursing Diagnosis: Hypertermia related to the infection process

Goal: The temperature within normal limits

Expected outcomes are:
  1. Free from cold
  2. Stable body temperature 36-37 C
  1. Monitor the temperature of the client (the degree and pattern) note the chills / diaphoresis
  2. Monitor the temperature of the environment, limit / add the bed linen as indicated
  3. Give a warm compress to avoid the use of alcohol
  4. Give the drink as needed
  5. Collaboration for the provision of antipyretics

2. Nursing Diagnosis: Risk for Injury related to repetitive strain

Goal: free from injury

Expected outcomes are:
  1. shows the homeostatic
  2. no mucosal bleeding and free from other complications
  1. Review the signs of complications
  2. Assess the status of cardiopulmonary
  3. Collaboration for laboratory monitoring: monitor routine blood
  4. Collaboration for the administration of antibiotics

3. Nursing Diagnosis: Fluid Volume Deficit related to the intake of less

Goal: Adequate fluid volume

Expected outcomes are:
  1. vital signs within normal limits
  2. strong peripheral pulses palpable
  3. adequate urine output
  4. there are no signs of dehydration
  1. Measure / record the urine output and specific gravity. Record the input and output cumulative imbalance
  2. Monitor blood pressure and heart rate
  3. Palpation of peripheral pulses
  4. Review of dry mucous membranes, poor skin tugor and refined taste
  5. Collaboration for the administration of IV fluids as indicated
  6. Monitor laboratory values

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