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Friday, March 9, 2012

Nursing Care Plan for Self Mutilation - Diagnosis and Interventions

Nursing Diagnosis for Self Mutilation

Risk for self-mutilation related to fear of rejection, the natural feeling depressed, angry reaction, the inability to express feelings verbally, the threat of self-esteem due to embarrassment, loss of jobs and so forth.

Goal :
  • Short-term goals: the client will seek the help of staff if there is a feeling like self-mutilation
  • Long-term goal: client will not be self-mutilation

Nursing Interventions for Self Mutilation
  • Observation of the behavior of clients, more often through routine activities and interactions, avoid the impression of surveillance and suspicion on the client
  • Establish verbal contact with the client that he would ask for help if the desire for self-mutilation is felt (to discuss suicidal feelings with people you trust)
  • If self-mutilation occurs, wound care not to disturb the client with the cause, do not give positive reinforcement for such behavior (the lack of attention to maladaptive behaviors can reduce repetition mutilation).
  • Encourage clients to talk about the feelings he had before this behavior occurs (in order to understand the problem)
  • Act as a model in which the right to express anger (suicidal behavior is seen as anger directed at ourselves)
  • Remove all dangerous objects from the client environment (the security of clients is a priority for curing)
  • Navigate back to the distribution of physical mutilation behavior (physical exercise is a safe way to channel the pent-up tension)
  • Commitment of all staff to give spirit to the client
  • Give medication according to the result of collaboration, monitor effectiveness, and side effects
  • Use of mechanical restrain when circumstances force according to the procedure remains
  • Observations restrain clients in every 15 minutes / according to the procedure fixed by considering the safety, circulation, basic needs (safety of clients is a priority nursing)

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