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Monday, March 5, 2012

How to Prevent a Broken Spirit

A broken spirit, must be prevented if people want happiness and success. This understanding should then be followed by self-awareness about personal values ​​and interpret their personal experiences in practice. Realizing the high demand for personal success, along with strong attention and responsibility on the athlete should be considered as the main symptom onset discouraged. With self-awareness, can begin to use this power to the power of their success without neglecting their needs and behavior. Obtain a healthy balance among fellow athletes, family and personal needs of the board is an essential step in order to overcome a broken spirit.

1. Maintain a proper perspective
Maintaining a correct view of a lot of benefits. If you suffer from severe stress, it will tend to think of the demands of time, energy spent, complaints from parents. But if you are able to consciously focus on the problems encountered in many other careers, it will be able to take benefit from it.

2. New Environment
Another approach to overcome the discouragement that is looking for new work. For that purpose must be careful to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of the new position. They must be confident that they will be more happy, and not less happy in addition, sometimes a new environment will be many benefits.

3. Family Support
Many were able to escape from the stress of continuous through unlimited support from parents, families and close friends. Often parents participate in sports to avoid loneliness continuously. Sometimes parents or boyfriend serves as a sports photographer, recording the value or the head of public relations. Interactions are very familiar with the team members can draw the attention of parents. You often get huge support from his family. A family that is ready to listen and discuss the problems encountered if the child can actively resist the pressure and accept the situation himself. Although progress is continually striving to him they are proud of what they played in every game. Ego demands that the state will be happy diirinya a positive impact and not cause a positive influence.

4. Be proud of yourself
Proud of himself would not try even become someone else, and believes that implementation would bring success. People who feel unhappy with his situation was a happy and fun people, and parents with the community. The result, usually have high motivation. They are happy and confident.

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