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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Benefits of Breathing Exercises

Benefits of Breathing ExercisesBreathing exercises are a method of breathing in certain ways to enhance and improve the performance of breathing (respiration). Particularly in improving the performance of the lungs to absorb oxygen to be more optimal. An American study concluded that the breathing exercises for thirty seconds to two minutes, five times a day are performed routinely in 12 weeks will improve the performance of the lungs as much as 10 percent.

Why do we need to do these breathing exercises?

Well, here are some of the benefits of breathing exercises:

1. Stabilize blood pressure

Apparently, doing breathing exercises properly and regularly can stabilize blood pressure, which also means it can prevent hypertension (high blood pressure) or hypotension (low blood). Breathing exercises improve respiration, so oxygen is taken up by the lungs more and more, and circulatory organs to circulate blood with more oxygen content as well.

2. Remove the poison (toxin) in the body

Technically, these breathing exercises will push the system to work out an excretion of toxins in the body through urine, sweat, feces, etc..

3. Relieve stress

When you stress, try to draw a deep breath, then exhale vigorously in three seconds. Do this five times a day. This breathing exercise can make blood vessels flexible and not easy to be hard (tense), as well as the distribution of oxygen and food juices can become more fluent and well received by the brain. In effect, the mind and emotional tension will decrease. You also can sleep soundly.

4. Burn fat and beautify the body

You want to trim? Often try to do breathing exercises. When you do deep breathing exercises, try to hold my breath in the stomach (abdomen). In this exercise the abdominal muscles will tighten and the deposition of fat in the abdomen will also burned. The result, you will have a more beautiful body and slim.

How to train breathing?

It's easy, you just sit or lie down, then take a deep breath in through your nose as she counted until the count of three, hold for two seconds, then exhale for three seconds solid. Repeat for 30 seconds, five times a day.

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