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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Signs and Symptoms of Yaws

Clinical symptoms of yaws, consists of 3 Stadium, namely:

Stage I:

This stage is also known as infectious stage. The average incubation period of 3 weeks or in the range of 3-90 days. Initial form of papilloma lesions on port d 'entre shaped like strawberries, wet surfaces, damp, festering, recovered spontaneously without leaving a trace, sometimes accompanied by an increase in body temperature, headache, sore bones and joints later, papules spread which resolved after 1-3 months. Lesions intinial last a few weeks and a few months later recovered. These lesions are often found around the mouth, the anus and vagina, and similar kandilomatalata on syphilis. These symptoms were healed without leaving scars, although sometimes with pigmentation. In addition there is a kind of papilloma on palms or feet, and usually humid. Symptoms of the skin, can be macula, macula Papulosa, papules, micropapula, nodules, without showing damage to the structure of the epidermis and no exudation. The form of the primary lesion is an infectious form.

Stage II

Or a period of transition: at this stage, where the lesion was found Treponema pallidum pertenue. This positive Treponema be several weeks to several months after stage I. At this stage, no infectious yaws with various clinical forms, such as hyperkeratosis. Abnormalities in the bones and joints, often the fingers and limb bones, which can lead to atrophy occurs nails, and gangosa deformation, which is a form of necrotizing disorder and can cause damage to the nasal bone and septum nasi with images of loss of nose shape, gondou (a form of hypertrophic osteitis), although rarely encountered. Joint disorders, hydrarthrosis and juxta articular nodules (subcutaneous nodules, easy to move, chewy, multiple), usually found in the ankle, near the caput fibulae, Acral areas or plantar and palmar.

Stage III:

At this stage, there Guma or indolent ulcer with steep edges or resonate, when cured, these lesions leave scars, keloids and contractures can form. If there is infection in the bone can lead to defects and damage to the bone. Damage often occurs on the palate, nasal bone, the tibia.

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