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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Impaired Urinary Elimination related to Prostate Cancer

Nursing Diagnosis: Impaired Urinary Elimination related to mechanical obstruction: enlargement of the prostate, decompensated detrusor muscle, bladder's inability to contract

characterized by:
  • inability to empty the bladder,
  • incontinence,
  • bladder distention,
  • presence of residual urine.
  • Urinate smoothly, without any bladder distention.
  • Residues less than 50 ml of urine without any overflow.

Nursing Interventions for Prostate Cancer - Impaired Urinary Elimination:

  • Instruct the patient to urinate every 2-4 hours and when it is full
  • Inform patients about stress incontinence
  • Observation of the emission of urine, observe the size and strength
  • Monitor and record the time and amount of urination.
  • Observe the decrease in urine output and changes in emission
  • Percussion / palpation of the suprapubic area
  • Encourage take up to 3000 ml per day when there is no heart intolenransi
  • Monitor vital signs. Observation of hypertension, peripheral / dependent edema. Body weight was measured every day and keep intake and output accurately
  • Give cateter and perineal care
  • Give the bath seat as indicated
  • Give the medication as indicated
  • Antispasmodics such as oxybutynin chloride, rectal suppositories, antibiotics and antimicrobials, phenoxybenzamine.
  • Urinary catheterization or Foley catheter pairs as indicated
  • Monitor lab results just as BUN, creatinine, Elektrolite, urinalysis and culture.

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